KORATH: The Witcher Saga Inspired Environment

While The Witcher video game series is recognised by vast woodlands and snowy mountains, the books expand far beyond that. Zerrikanian desert was one of the most unwelcoming places that appeared in the saga. Never visualised before, Korath was not only technically but also artistically challenging project to complete. Scene is available for download here

Disclaimer: Non-commercial project. Modelling, texturing, VFX done by me.

Software: Unreal Engine 4, Zbrush, World Machine, Maya

  • Korath Video Reel

  • Korath Flythrough
  • Stills

  • Entrance to Tor Aenye
  • At The Crossroads
  • Fire Mage Tower
  • Breakdowns - Rocks

  • Rock Meshes
  • Tiling, fully sculpted materials

  • Tower Material
  • Ground Blends
  • Base albedos for rock and ground meshes

  • Base Textures
  • Master Material (rock meshes + ground blends)

  • Base plane
  • Vertex Painted
  • Lit Pass
  • Tesselation
  • Color Pass
  • Normal Pass
  • Roughness Pass
  • Ambient Occlusion Pass
  • Shader Network
  • Zoom in | See detailed setup: Material'/Game/Korath_Materials/Landscape/Master_Landscape.Master_Landscape'
  • Foliage (Generated with Zbrush FiberMesh)

  • Foliage Baker
  • Shrubs
  • Props

  • Dry Tree
  • Troops Tent
  • Landscape development in World Machine

  • Landscape in Unreal Engine
  • World Machine Refinement
  • World Machine Devices
  • Texture Maps
  • Terrain back in engine
  • Vista Building Process Downloads:

    4K resolution screenshots pack (92mb)
    Scene is available for download here.


    Stephen Schmitt for constantly developing and improving World Machine
    Great tutorials on UDK and UE4 shaders: Oliver's Blog
    Onet.pl for featuring the scene (Polish lang.)
    Mapcore community for the spotlight